International Digital Certificate

December 16, 2022
Report No: MFK2568013

Grading Results
Gem Identification: Diamond
Shape: Round Brilliant
Carat Weight: 1.94 ct
Color Grade: Black
Symmetry: Very Good

Gem Identification: Ruby
Shape: Round Cut
Carat Weight: 0.12 ct
Color Grade: Red
Symmetry: Very Good

Gem Identification: Ruby
Shape: Baguette Cut
Carat Weight: 0.56 ct
Color Grade: Red
Symmetry: Very Good



Type of Jewel: Ring
Setting: Prong
Description of Material: 18K Yellow Gold
Total Weight of Jewel: 8.49 g

Graded as mounting permits

This scientific report was prepared by using some or all of the following: Proportion analyzer, digital carat balance, master color comparison diamonds, optical comparator, standardized and specialized lighting, 10X magnification (fully corrected loupe and binocular microscope), long and shortwave ultraviolet light, fiber optic illumination, spectroscope and spectrophotometer. The recipient of this report may wish to consult a credentialed jeweler or gemologist about the information contained herein.